Avalon International Breads

Avalon International Breads

Where? 422 W. Willis, Detroit, MI 48207 + 2799 W. Grand Blvd + 4731 Bellevue

The one-way street is challenging as the 5 parking spaces outside the bakery are ALWAYS full.  I had to circle the block to make my way back into the factory-hipster-feelish bakery.  So how did the bakery get started? Back in 1995 the owners Ann and Jackie scraped together $6,000 from family in friends in what they termed “bread vouchers,” which these individuals could use as “pay-back” once the bakery opened.  They then put in some plumbing, lighting, and good-working ovens to get their signature organic loaves onto the market. The struggles are essentially over for the bakery now that they receive over 1,000 people per day and deliver to more than 40 restaurants and markets in the Metro area.  Don’t be fooled—there bread isn’t the only thing to order here.  They have breakfast & lunch specials, pastries, cookies and more sweets, allowing for a complete meal to take place here. 

-Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookie: they aren’t kidding when they say “sea salt” or “chocolate chunk.”  There are wonderful chocolate chunks within the semi-hard cookie.  To me it tastes a lot like a salty oatcake with spurts of mild chocolate throughout.  It’s not as sweet, yet the salty makes decadent in a way.

Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Take a look at that chocolate chunk!

FINAL VERDICT: I like the feel of the place (too bad I couldn’t sit and stay) and would love to try out more. Those Sticky Buns look worth a try.